M&S and Their Misguided Attempt to Sell Cauliflower Steak

M&S and Their Misguided Attempt to Sell Cauliflower Steak

In recent years, the amount of people taking on a vegetarian or vegan diet has increased. There has also been a rise in imaginative ways in which people can include vegetables in their food. This has included cauliflower ‘rice’ and courgette spaghetti. As a result, supermarkets have had conform to the considerable demand to include more vegetarian and vegan options on their shelves. M&S attempted to do so, by selling slices of cauliflower steak. However, they were faced by a wave of criticisms from customers.

A New Plant Based Alternative by M&S

M&S have launched a new vegetarian range. Part of it includes cauliflower ‘stake’ each serving contains two slices of cauliflower, accompanied by a sachet of lemon and herb dressing. The company has aimed to appeal to their vegetarian customers, whilst also acting on sustainability plan. ‘Plan A’ outlines the company’s aim to make positive impacts on the environment.

No Economic Sense

Although M&S may have had the best intentions, the public thought that they were entirely wrong. The cauliflower steaks are being sold for £2, which is actually a reduction from the original £2.50. The price has caused an outrage because it is twice the price of a whole head of cauliflower; which are currently available at M&S for £1 and even cheaper from other retailers.

Not So Environmentally Friendly

Furthermore, customers also believe that although the product may be a part of Plan A, it is a very poor example of sustainability. Although it is a small product, it is packaged in a lot of plastic that is viewed as unnecessary. Plastic pollution is currently a world-wide, environmental issue. Each item of plastic that has ever been made still exists and is causing havoc upon the environment.

M&S Haven’t Really Addressed the Issue

In a statement, M&S have promised that their packaging can be widely recycled and that they will “continue to look at ways to optimise our food packaging and ensure it can be widely recycled”. Though this is a promising claim, it still doesn’t address the elevated price for a simple product; especially one that is aiming to show a range of food for plant based eaters.

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