White Van Drivers Are Making Healthier Choices

White Van Drivers Are Making Healthier Choices

There is a certain image that has surrounded white van drivers for a long time. They are traditionally viewed as people who prefer to eat unhealthy food and detest exercise. However, many are choosing to improve their health and ditch their unhealthy habits.

Making Healthier Choices

Van drivers are now more likely to actively choose healthy food options and regularly attend the gym. On average, they will exercise twice a week. More than one in ten use the gym at least five times per week. Additionally, one in seven van drivers will make their own packed lunch rather than grabbing fast food on the go. This includes diets rich in fruit and vegetables whilst on the road.

The statistics came from a study commissioned by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Overall, the data seemed to show that van drivers are making a conscious effort to lead a healthier lifestyle. Despite being out all day, van workers are switching snacks that are high in salt and sugar with fresh fruit.

Sport is also included in the new regimes of van drivers. Football is the exercise of choice for 54% of survey participants included in the survey. Golf, tennis, snooker and cycling followed as popular hobbies.

Tackling a Stereotype

The study also shows that van drivers are greatly concerned with the implications that the stereotypical image involves. Results show that 27% of survey participants emphasised that they think that they are unfairly associated with the stereotype. Furthermore, the drivers made it clear that they believed they were courteous and polite whilst also assisting other drivers in need.

Overall, there is hope amongst the study participants that the findings reveal an entirely new image of van drivers. Additionally, it is promising to know that a group that is labelled as unhealthy have made significant efforts to improve that whilst also benefitting themselves.

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