Broccoli Coffee is Another Popular Health food Trend

Broccoli Coffee is Another Popular Health food Trend

People have found interesting ways to include vegetables and other healthy ingredients in their food. Cauliflower has been used as rice, courgettes can be turned into noodles and avocados can even be made into chocolate mousse. The latest health food trend is known as broccoli coffee and it aims to get people to consume more greens.

A Plan to Improve Health

The unique concept of broccoli coffee was developed in Australia by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and Hort Innovation. Research indicates that the average Australian citizen is still not eating the recommended daily intake of vegetables a day. Healthy eating trends are increasing across the world and they all aim to help address health issues.

How is Broccoli Coffee Made?

In order to make this unusual drink, broccoli is dried and then ground into a fine powder before being added to coffee. Two tablespoons of broccoli powder include approximately one serving of vegetables. Hiding extra broccoli allows people to consume more greens that they might have avoided. Furthermore, it uses up broccoli that is perfectly edible but would’ve been thrown away in large quantities by supermarkets.

Remember, it Isn’t a Quick Fix

Although the prospect of increasing your vegetable intake and tackling food waste seems attractive, it is not a complete solution to the world’s food issues. Broccoli coffee or broccoli powder added to any other food shouldn’t be used as an alternative to consuming fresh vegetables.

There are recipes available online where fresh produce can be easily concealed. Although broccoli coffee seems promising, the nutritional value still doesn’t compare to the real thing. Additionally, broccoli coffee will still include large amounts of fat from milk and any additional sugar that is added, so any health benefits from the broccoli will be lost when combined with the other ingredients.


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