New Vegan Range Launched by Sainsbury’s

New Vegan Range Launched by Sainsbury’s

The demand for more vegan food products has risen substantially. According a recent survey conducted by Compare the Market, there has been a significant increase in the number of people becoming vegan. Currently, 3.5 million people in Britain now follow a plant-based diet. As a result, Sainsbury’s has responded by releasing a new vegan range of products to its stores.

The New Vegan Range Responds to Consumer Demand

The supermarket giant has taken note of the increasing popularity of veganism, with 21 new products added to its current vegan range. The plant-based mince and burgers have been produced by the company Naturli’ and will be sold in the meat aisle for £3 and £2.50 respectively.

Sales of the current meat-free range at Sainsbury’s has grown 20% each week over the past few months. Sainsbury’s has also listened to customer feedback about making certain products vegan and the recipes have now been reformulated to make them completely meat and dairy free.

Innovative Marketing

With the launch of the new vegan products, Sainsbury’s is the first supermarket in the UK that has placed vegan products in the meat section. Some have questioned this decision, stating that the whole purpose of a vegan diet is that it is far removed from animal products.

However, the new vegan range of products are designed to look and taste like real meat and Sainsbury’s aims to normalise plant-based diets by offering an alternative to meat eaters that they can clearly see. People who want to try plant-based foods but are either intimidated or are unsure could find the new products very helpful.

Furthermore, those who are already vegan have a better variety to choose from and there could be more in the future as Sainsbury’s tries to diversify their range of vegetarian and vegan products. There is hope that other supermarkets will follow Sainsbury’s lead and create more vegan options.

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