Ensuring you Eat Good Carbohydrates in Your Diet

Ensuring you Eat Good Carbohydrates in Your Diet

For good health, attain your grains from foods like whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta and brown rice, and other grains like whole oats, bulgur and quinoa.

Such foods assist in protection against many chronic diseases.

Here are good carbohydrates for inclusion in your diet:

  • Breakfast: Should you be a cereal person, try hot cereals, like oats. Should you prefer cold cereal then try whole oats, whole wheat or wholegrain.
  • Lunch: Use whole grain breads for lunch or snacks. Ensure that whole grain or whole wheat is the first ingredient listed.
  • Dinner: Don’t always opt for potatoes. As an alternative, try brown rice or whole wheat pasta. Ensure you have some beans as they are an excellent way to slowly digest carbohydrates.

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