Good Carbs as Opposed to No Carbs

Good Carbs as Opposed to No Carbs

Some popular diets treat carbohydrates as evil, the major reason for every ounce of body fat as well as excess weight. This has been true of the original Atkins diet, which made popular the no-carb method of dieting.

There is a certain amount of evidence which goes to show that a low-carbohydrate diet can help people lose weight quicker than a low-fat diet.

Low-carb methods are better than low-fat diets. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, illustrated the same. This study showed overweight, premenopausal having gone on one of four diets: Atkins, Zone, Ornish and LEARN.

Women who were in all four groups steadily lost weight over the first six months, with the Atkins dieters experiencing the greatest weight loss. Thereupon the majority the women went on to regain weight. By year end, it seemed that those on the Atkins diet had lost the greatest amount of weight, 10 pounds for that group; 3.5 pounds for the Zone group; 5 for the Ornish group and 6 pounds for the LEARN group.

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