Low-Carb Diet

Low-Carb Diet

Should you want a lower carbohydrate method, try to include certain vegetables, fruits and whole grain carbohydrates on a daily basis.

They have a lot of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients, vital for good health which are not available from a supplement bottle.

It is better to do your heart a favour by opting for healthy fats, proteins to accompany those healthy carbohydrates.

A 20-year prospective study of 82,802 women looked at the relationship between lower carbohydrate diets and heart disease; a subsequent study looked at lower carbohydrate diets and risk of diabetes. Women who ate low-carbohydrate diets high in vegetable sources of protein or fat had a 30% lower risk of heart disease and a lesser chance of type 2 diabetes, in contrast to women were on high-carbohydrate, low-fat diets. Those women who consumed low-carbohydrate diets, high in proteins or animal fats did not have a lesser risk of diabetes or heart disease.

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