Protein Types

Protein Types

Protein is critical for body maintenance and repair. It assists a fingernail to grow back right through to the healing of pulled muscles.

Proteins are amino acids which link together intricately to form chains. The body generates certain amino acid chains. Nonetheless, essential amino acids have to come from your diet. The quality and amount of protein found in animal and plant cells differ a great deal. Amino acids help to break down food and aid digestion.

Fish, eggs and meat are considered to have a high level of quality protein.

Plant based foods like nuts, pulses and seeds are not considered to have such a high level of protein.

Advice for vegetarians and vegans

Naturally certain plant foods have a low content of amino acids. On the other hand, other plant foods have a higher content of amino acids. Consumption of a healthy, well balanced diet ensures that you have the amino acids you need.

Eggs, beans, seeds, pulses and soya products all have protein. You will also find a small amount of protein in dairy products and grains.

How much protein is the right amount?

Nutritionists recommend that your diet should consist of 10%-15% protein. The recommendation for men is 56g of protein on a daily basis and 45g for women.

Eating some protein at two meals a day is fine to get the protein intake you need.

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