Davina’s Smart Carbs: Eat Carbs and Still Lose Weight With My Amazing 5 Week Smart Carb Plan!

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‘OMG! Carbs are back on the menu …and about time too!’ Davina xxx Davina McCall helped the nation surrender refined sugar in her number one bestselling cookbook, DAVINA’S 5 WEEKS TO SUGAR-FREE. In this new collection of delicious recipes, she cuts through the nonsense and solves the age-old problem: we love carbs but wish to lose weight! DAVINA’S SMART CARBS will love us back. The simple truth is that our bodies need carbs but we wish to eat the right ones. We wish to eat carbs that satisfy our hunger, are packed with nutrients and assist us stay in shape. DAVINA’S SMART CARBS do just that! These recipes: -will curb cravings and stop energy slumps – no more carb binging! -are packed with nutrients and fibre to keep you having a look and feeling amazing – no more bloat or guilt! -have ingredients that are cheap to shop for and easy to find DAVINA’S SMART CARBS also includes a 5 week meal planner that allows you to make losing weight and staying healthy a doddle. There are snacks and sweet treats, circle of relatives favourites and recipes that may be freezed easily. This is real food for life. At last, the recipe book you’ve been looking forward to: Carbs are back!

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