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The New Encyclopedia of Brand new Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Up to date and Revised One in a series of mini-encyclopedias. Practical guidance and species selection presented in one convenient package. Featuring advice from acknowledged experts. The traditional image of an encyclopedia as a large, heavy volume only from time to time taken down from a dusty shelf is blown out of the water by this new range of mini-encyclopedias. These are comprehensive, concentrated packages of up-to-date practical guidance on numerous fishkeeping and water gardening themes. The core text is amplified and extended by panels, captions and annotations that accompany the photographs and graphic illustrations. The first a part of every volume consists of a hands-on practical section that follows the step by step progress of a specific project. Accompanying text includes technical advice on the equipment required to complete every stage of the project. The second one part features a variety of species or varieties relevant to the subject. These profile sections are profusely illustrated with stunning colour photographs and are designed to inspire readers to expand their collections. By combining practical and reference sections, these mini encyclopedias represent the ideal compromise in a world where shelf space is limited but the thirst for knowledge increases each day.

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