A Long Way from Home

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The true story of 2 year-old Anna, abandoned by her natural parents, left by myself in a neglected orphanage.

Elaine and Ian had travelled half way round the sector to adopt little Anna. She couldn’t have been more sought after, loved and cherished. So why used to be she now in foster care and living with me? It didn’t make sense.

Until I learned what had happened. …

Dressed only in nappies and ragged T-shirts the youngsters were incarcerated of their cots. Their large eyes stared out blankly from emaciated faces. Some were obviously disabled, others not, but all were badly undernourished. Flies circled across the broken ceiling fans and buzzed against the grids covering the windows. The one toys were a couple of balls and a handful of building bricks, but no child played with them. The silence used to be deafening and unnatural. Not probably the most thirty or so infants cried, let by myself spoke.

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