Be More Pirate: Or How to Take On the World and Win Price: £6.99 (as of 22/08/2023 06:03 PST- Details)



‘Ask forgiveness, not permission! A unique approach…rings a bell in my memory of the fun we’ve had with our airlines’ – Sir Richard Branson

I’d reasonably be a pirate than sign up for the navy’ Steve Jobs

‘Totally compelling’ Ed Miliband, Reasons to be Cheerful podcast

‘A model for how to break the system and create radical change’ Joy Lo Dico, Evening Standard

Be More Pirate feels so important as it looks to history to help us grip the future’ Martha Lane Fox CBE, Founder of

‘This isn’t a book, it’s the beginning of a movement. Be More Pirate will have to come with a health warning’ Tom Goodwin, writer of Digital Darwinism

‘A refreshing, entertaining and inspiring perspective on work, leadership and why we do what we do’ Bruce Daisley, VP, Twitter

‘A controversial call to arms, this contrarianism is exactly what we wish to course correct ‘the corporation” Arlo Brady, CEO of Freud Communications


Pirates didn’t just break the rules, they rewrote them. They didn’t just reject society, they reinvented it. Pirates didn’t just challenge the status-quo, they changed everyfuckingthing. Pirates faced a self-interested establishment, a broken system, industrial scale disruption and an uncertain future. Sound familiar?

Pirates stood for MISCHIEF, PURPOSE and POWER. And you’ll be able to too.

In Be More Pirate, Sam Conniff Allende unveils the innovative strategies of Golden Age pirates, drawing parallels between the tactics and teachings of legends like Henry Morgan and Blackbeard with modern rebels, like Elon Musk, Malala and Banksy. Featuring takeaway sections and a guide to build you own pirate code 2.0, Be More Pirate will show you how to leave your mark on the 21st century.

Whatever your ambitions, ideas and challenges, Be More Pirate will revolutionize the way you live, think and work today, and the following day. So what are you waiting for? Order now and sign up for the rebellion.


Sam Conniff Allende is the founder and former CEO of Livity, a multi-award-winning youth marketing agency. Sam has led the unlikeliest collaborations between brands and bright young people on the edges of society, resulting in real innovation. He has worked with Google, Unilever, PlayStation and Dyson, and continuously speaks and runs Be More Pirate workshops at these industry-leading companies. Sam believes in the power of professional rule-breaking and is on a mission to instigate modern mutinies in organisations around the world, where the teams takeover the running of the ship to ultimately turn out to be more accountable, motivated and rebellious.

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