How to Starve Cancer …without starving yourself: The Discovery of a Metabolic Cocktail That Could Transform the Lives of Millions Price: £8.99 (as of 22/08/2023 06:06 PST- Details)


A modern-day ‘Cancer Sherlock Holmes’, Jane discovered that a cancer-starving diet, powerful supplements and a handful of old, forgotten, low-toxicity drugs, when taken together, acted synergistically, magnifying each of their anti-cancer effects many times. Like magic, her terminal cancer just melted away.

In this really ground-breaking book, Jane takes us through her remarkable, heart-breaking journey, and the medical discoveries she made on the way. Using herself as a human guinea pig, she worked out the best drugs and supplements to starve her own cancer in an easy-to-follow ‘Metro Map’. She has expanded this route map to show which fuel pipelines you wish to have to block for every type of cancer, so you too can create your own cancer-starving cocktail. Tragically many simple old drugs have been overlooked in the race for the latest patentable ‘game changers’. Is the answer already out there? Jane believes it is. Bit by bit she has pieced the puzzle together, demystified its complexity, and produced a simple protocol.

This book will answer all the burning questions you face when you begin to explore complementary cancer care. Which ‘off-label’ drugs and supplements should you take? Should you try the ketogenic diet? Should you fast? Is fat protected? How much and when should you exercise? Jane explains why each patient needs a personalised approach and, importantly, how to work this out.

This book, part Erin Brockovich, part Dallas Buyers Club, is a compelling story of resilience and determination in the face of impossible odds. If you or a loved one has cancer, you absolutely must read this book. Despite the fact that you have been told that nothing more can be done, Jane will show you this is almost certainly not true.

“So powerful and relatable. Steadily in medical books the science overwhelms and dilutes the narrative arc but on account of Jane’s compelling and dramatic personal story the book promises to hold the reader. Beyond the personal narrative, the strategy Jane used to get better is at the very forefront in the war against cancer. The use of re-purposed drugs in oncology is gaining traction worldwide. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, is Jane herself. We were both speakers at a recent charity event in London. Jane spoke last, and when she finished, I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the room. She received the only standing ovation at the event. Her story is so powerful; tragic yet triumphant, and relatable to anyone who has had a foot in the realm of the sick. Jane is an out of this world speaker. She has the rare gift of being entirely genuine. Her story: of a terminal diagnosis in the prime of her life, self-discovery, and path to wellness driven by her own conviction and research has the ability to inspire hope and wake the medical community up to a powerful new tool; the use of combinations of repurposed drugs.” Travis Christofferson, author Tripping Over the Truth

“All patients and their relatives need to read this book.”
Professor Justin Stebbing, Professor of Cancer Medicine and Oncology at Imperial College

“Jane’s clinical reasoning is impressive, her experience is compelling and in the combination of these two elements she has crafted a narrative that, like the anti-cancer metabolic cocktail she champions, is destined to positively give a boost to countless lives.”
Dr Ndaba Mazibuko, Clinical Research Fellow, King’s College London Care Oncology Clinic

“Jane’s story will inspire anyone reeling from the shock of a cancer diagnosis to take regulate of their own destiny.”
Lois Rogers, freelance health journalist, Sunday Times

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