Nobody’s Son: All Alex ever wanted was a family of his own Price: £2.99 (as of 26/06/2020 08:26 PST- Details)


Born in a prison and got rid of from his drug-dependent mother, rejection is all that 7-year-old Alex knows.

When Cathy is asked to foster little Alex, aged 7, her immediate reaction is: Why can’t he stay together with his present carers for the last month? He’s already had many moves since coming into care as a toddler and he’ll only be together with her a short at the same time as before he goes to live together with his permanent adoptive circle of relatives. However the present carers are expecting a baby and the foster mother isn’t coping, so Alex goes to live with Cathy.

He settles easily and could be very much taking a look forward to having a ceaselessly circle of relatives of his own. The introductions and move to his adoptive circle of relatives go well. But Alex is only with them for a week when problems begin. What happens next is both shocking and upsetting, and calls into question the entire adoption process.

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