The Gentle Sleep Book: Gentle, No-Tears, Sleep Solutions for Parents of Newborns to Five-Year-Olds Price: £0.99 (as of 22/08/2023 06:06 PST- Details)


A big percentage of parents find their young child’s sleep – or loss of – challenging. This new book from Sarah Ockwell-Smith, founder of BabyCalm, might be an indispensable guide for parents, no matter what challenges they’re facing with their child’s sleep – from the day they bring their newborn home until their child is settled into school. Examining the whole lot from frequent night waking in babyhood, through bedwetting in toddlerhood, to nightmares and refusal to go to bed in pre-schoolers, this book provides extensive scientific and anecdotal information, plus a lot of gentle suggestions, to lend a hand everyone get a good night’s sleep. This can be a gentle, evidence-based approach that does not involve leaving a baby to cry or shutting a sobbing child in their bedroom.

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