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Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly, who have both recently come through cancer, have discovered a life-changing way of eating.

In The Ketogenic Kitchen they share with you exciting nutritional developments, which reveal that a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat, together with the remedy recommended by medical professionals, offers new hope in the beef up of and protection against many chronic illnesses.

Whether you are facing remedy, going through recovery or simply want to select food that can keep you in long-term optimal health, The Ketogenic Kitchen offers advice and delicious recipes as a way to aid weight loss and leave you with higher energy levels and glowing good health.

An authoritative guide to help you put the powerful science of ketogenic principles to work in your daily life. The authors’ hard-earned wisdom coupled with their culinary expertise set this book with the exception of other health-oriented cookbooks.’
Georgia Ede, MD, Psychiatrist and Nutrition Consultant

‘A wonderful, practical resource for the person who wants to give a boost to their health by shifting to ketone-based metabolism. This is the cookbook that my clients and I have been waiting for.’
Dr Mark Atkinson, MBBS, Mind–Body Medicine Physician and Cancer Recovery Advisor

‘An informative and deliciously practical book.’
Sue Wood, Specialist Ketogenic Dietician

The Ketogenic Kitchen is a vital resource – a great source of information for both patient and physician, helping to make sure that the diet is done safely with various healthy, delicious and nutrient-dense foods.’
Dr Colin E. Champ, Assistant Professor, Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Radiation Oncologist, University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre

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