Healing; the Handbook: Life changing guide for practitioners or for self healing

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Healing; the Handbook is a life-changing guide for practitioners and for self-healing. Healing, Freedom and Results. Ken Graydon shares healing ideas and processes clearly to enable you to be aware and use methods for self-healing and helping others. The ideas are both simple and practical, proven effective in practice and presented clearly to enable you to share with others. The underlying truth, that we create our own reality and when that reality no longer serves us, we will be able to change it, opens up amazing possibilities of physical, mental or emotional healing. It could allow for changes in lifestyles, environment or abundance. This book is a whole of life teaching tool. Regeneration Healing may facilitate the regeneration of cells, organs, teeth or relationships as you accept and make allowance these changes to happen – you’ve free will to take part in healing for your best conceivable outcome. The digital age now enables healing practitioners to guide healing instantly within their practice and remotely by the web during the world.

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