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“Here you have a book that will help you, and an writer whose views you’ll be able to respect. More than this, you may safely believe her practical guidance, which is drawn from a long and varied experience of working alone and with others. She is a gifted teacher, perceptive and critical: perhaps more important, she is also human …there is not any question but that the magical path is a hard road that requires dedication, discrimination and a solid dose of common sense …if you are made up our minds to follow the magical path, and if you employ these three qualities, you’ll be hard pressed indeed to find a better guide than Magical Knowledge.” RA Gilbert Magical Knowledge book I is the first in a series of three that takes the reader through the bends and twists of serious magical study. This book tackles one of the most more pressing issues surrounding the early quest for knowledge from the world of magic, in conjunction with techniques, exercises and warnings for those ready to dip their toe in the scalding hot water of power. Using her usual no nonsense down to earth approach, McCarthy outlines in depth one of the most rarely tackled issues and problems that face a serious modern magician, offering advice and reflections based on 30 years of practical work. The book follows no specific magical path; rather it takes the reader to the layers of consciousness beneath such paths and shows us the more than a few techniques, powers and dynamics that underpin most Western Mystery schools and lodges. The reader is shown how ritual in truth works, what an inner contact in truth is, how to make visions work, how to turn an object into a magically charged implement, how to read tarot, how to clean and protect yourself, and most importantly of all, how to spot the bullshit. Josephine McCarthy is a seasoned occultist and writer living in the Dartmoor National Park in the UK. She has taught and led magical groups in the USA and UK for many years, and has written a variety of magical fiction and non fiction. Her more r

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