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Is there more to yoga than toning and strengthening? What are the roots of our popular yoga culture? How can I learn more in regards to the spiritual side of yoga practice? For any person who has asked these questions, here are the answers-and for any person else who wants to know more in regards to the vast and intriguing world of yoga beyond the poses, this book is an accessible and invaluable resource. Stone points out that, in step with the yogic tradition, probably the most deepest, most esoteric yoga concepts are best understood during the physical and mental experiences of the body. And within the heart we cultivate the yogic ethics of patience, honesty, and nonviolence, not only by studying ancient texts, but through our day-to-day lives. Stone provides an in-depth explanation of the important thing points of ancient Indian yogic philosophy combined with teachings on how we will bring a broad understanding of yoga theory to deeper levels through our practice at the mat-and through our relationships with others.

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