The NLP Pocket Handbook: An easy to use reference guide to the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner material Price: £5.81 (as of 22/08/2023 06:04 PST- Details)



Have the key NLP techniques at your fingertips with this 80 page reference guide. First produced in paperback in 2004, with thousands of copies having been purchased, The NLP Pocket Handbook is perfect for NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Trainers. Written by an NLP Master Trainer.

No wish to carry heavy manuals with you, or to wonder whether you’ve missed the most important step of an NLP process. Simply take a look at the relevant page to refresh your memory and get ready for, or carry on working with, your client.

The NLP Pocket Handbook includes topics like NLP Presuppositions, the usage of NLP ecologically, Well-formed goals, Eye patterns, Submodalities, Swish pattern, Neuro-logical levels, Anchoring (resource, collapse and chaining), Perceptual positions, the quite a lot of language models (Hierarchy of Ideas/chunking, linguistic presuppositions, Meta and Milton models), the Fast Phobia cure, Strategies, Framing and Reframing, Parts Integration, Values, Meta Programmes, Modelling, Sleight of Mouth, quite a lot of Belief change techniques, Time Line interventions and the quite a lot of applications of NLP (business, coaching, health, sport, education and relationships).

About the Author

Jeremy Lazarus is an Accredited Master Executive Coach, a Certified Master Trainer of NLP and a sports performance coach, with over 30 years of business experience.
In 1999 he formed The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd, which specialises in the uses of NLP in business, coaching and sport. He at the start trained as an accountant and corporate treasurer, and used to be a semi-professional soccer player.

His coaching and training clients include blue chips, the NHS, SMEs and elite athletes including the Great Britain pistol shooting team and English Premier League football clubs. He’s a guest lecturer at two UK universities. Jeremy has authored four best-selling books (Ahead of the Game, Successful NLP’, The Little NLP Workbook and NLP for Business Success), plus of course The NLP Pocket Handbook.

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