Weight Loss with Hypnosis: The Ultimate Practitioner’s Guide

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Hypnosis is an efficient and positive approach that changes the mind to modify the body. Recipient of the 2017 Pen & Quill Award from the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association, Kelley T. Woods draws from her fifteen years of professional hypnosis practice, providing insights, guidelines and processes a good way to help you, at practically any experience level, to lend a hand your hypnosis and coaching clients comfortably lose undesired excess weight.
This concise guide offers clear and easy-to-apply approaches to:
•Motivate your clients
•Triumph over emotional eating
•Change food preferences
•Promote your client’s level of self-care
•Maintain setbacks
“Patter Boxes” contain specific language patterns and are sprinkled all the way through the book, expanding opportunities to employ effective ideas for change. Proven successful scripts are also provided in conjunction with tips for developing your individual creative imagery and suggestions.

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