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After spending more than 20 weeks on the “New York Times” bestseller list, Alicia Silverstone’s inspiring guide to eating a plant-based diet has introduced hundreds of thousands of readers to a brand spanking new relationship with food and health. Now to be had as a paperback and printed on 100 per cent recycled paper with earth friendly soy ink, “The Kind Diet” continues to inspire readers to diminish the role of ‘nasty’ foods like meat and dairy in their diets in favour of superhero foods that make stronger good health and take a much gentler toll on our natural resources and environment. Sharing the insights that encouraged her to grow to be a vegan and outlining the fantastic physical benefits of adopting a plant-based diet, Alicia presents a user-friendly 3-level programme to accommodate everyone – those who just need to ‘flirt’ with the big variety of readily to be had meat and dairy substitutes and up their consumption of grains and vegetables, people who are ready to adopt a vegan way of life, and those who need to experience full ‘superhero’ status with a modified macrobiotic regimen that provides maximum weight loss and health benefits.Striking full-colour photographs and over 100 of Alicia’s favourite recipes for vegans and superheroes round out this stunning introduction to the animal-free diet, Equal parts memoir, health guide, and keepsake cookbook, “The Kind Diet” is sure to make every reader’s transition to a plant-based diet attainable, empowering, and delicious.

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