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Great VHS Video, includes booklet, 53 minutes running time approx, fast dispatch, UK SELLER
If there is a problem with MTV Yoga it is not such a lot that yoga purists will be horrified by its presentation as a pop-tastic work-out, but that the MTV formula isn’t as in-your-face as may well be expected from the station that specialises in pounding music, hip presenters, fast talking and even faster editing. As a substitute popular New York yoga instructor Kristin McGee goes for a straightforward, no-nonsense approach, putting off any superfluous chatting, keeping the emphasis on the series of dynamic flowing postures and the breathing. (Though beginners may well be hard pushed to make sense of a session that goes straight into the sun salutation sequences.) The detailed breakdown of poses at the end could have been made more useful, but by the use of compensation the main session is enjoyable and lively.

More experienced and older yoga fans aren’t likely to object to this dynamic form of Yoga, but will doubtless prefer a longer, deeper approach (the Yoga programme comes in at under 40 minutes.) With a soundtrack by musician/DJ BT, McGee’s routine is likely to hit the spot for the clubbing set. The only unnecessary element is host Lori Trespicio who makes Geri Halliwell look and sound like a rocket scientist. —Lorna V

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