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The Ultimate New Fitness Workout! Experience the benefits of Optimum Fitness and Flexibility for Any age, Any level and Any ability with this 35 minute and 10 minute Stretchworks Workout. Because of overwhelming demand Alison Evans in the end released her first General Level Stretchworks DVD. The benefits if stretching are unlimited but regularly regarded as something you do either before or after a workout or as part of a rehabilitative programme for injuries. Stretchworks introduces the concept that Stretching can be a thorough workout in its own right enabling you to find your own optimum fitness at your own pace, in your own way. Alison initially worked extensively as a dancer with renowned choreographers including Arlene Phillips. She started to devise this work over 25years ago after seeing the a lot of unnecessary injuries dancers incurred. As these specialised programmes developed, the a lot of long-term benefits of her work brought her to the attention of top athletes including Torvil and Dean and a Premiership Football Club. With increasing demand for her work Alison determined to adapt the work so everyone could get pleasure from Stretchworks. This 35 minute and 10 minute workout is designed for any age, any ability and at any level so the viewer can in reality engage with the individual pupils (14 years – 70 years) and see how they may be able to adapt the work to suit their own needs and ability. These controlled stretching and strengthening exercises are devised to go with the flow one into the other working dynamically to encourage various muscle groups to work together with each other, enabling one to experience an overall sense of being aligned, balanced, elongated and strong. Stretchworks not only enables you to find your own optimum fitness but also supports and encourages a more productive and healthier lifestyle both physically and emotionally.

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