JUICE PLUS Vegetable Soup Meal Replacement – 5 sachets

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Juice Plus Vegetable soup – 5 sachets. Every 29.5gr sachet of soup makes up with 300ml of liquid = approx. 200 calories (843kj) ¬ Lacto-Vegetarian ¬ Gluten-Free ¬ Without Preservatives ¬ Fibre (4.9gr per portion) ¬ Low Fat (3.6gr per portion of which 0.3g saturates) ¬ High Protein (19.1gr per portion) To make your soup – heat 300ml skimmed milk (0.1% fat) in a saucepan. Add the contents of one sachet of Vegetable Soup powder and stir well with a whisk. Leave to stand for about one minute before eating (you need to follow the instructions for making up.) Every portion of soup will provide balanced proportions of the nutrients you wish to have to replace one meal. The protein is from vegetable sources only and has a high biological value. When the use of the soup as a part of a calorie controlled diet you need to drink quite a few water through the day, and you will have to only use meal replacement products to replace one or two meals every day, the rest of your intake will have to be from a healthy and balanced variety of foods. Children, pregnant and breast feeding women and someone with specific medical conditions or wishing to lose more than 20% of their body weight will have to consult a doctor before undertaking ANY weight loss regime.

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