Mr Singh’s Punjabi Pesto Cooking Paste & Spread (300g) Price: £9.61 (as of 26/06/2020 08:11 PST- Details)


All natural. Chilli level – 2 1/2. Suitable for vegetarians. Our Story: Since 1981 Mama Singh has at all times known what her circle of relatives Loved to Eat. The use of techniques and ingredients taught by her mother, she made the house smell sumptuous with Delicious Dinner Delights! We’ve got put her culinary secrets Into This Jar for you and your family members to experience. Do what the Singh circle of relatives loves absolute best;having fun by.. Bringing Folks Together. “There are no additives or artificial preservatives in our products. Only good, honest, top quality ingredients make it into a jar of Mr Singh’s Punjabi Pesto

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