TomTom Touch Cardio Fitness Tracker – Small Strap, Black Price: £45.25 (as of 22/08/2023 06:06 PST- Details)

Built-in heart rate monitor: Track your heart rate throughout the day; find out your resting heart rate, which is an ideal indicator of your fitness level
24/7 activity tracking: Displays steps, active time, calories burned, sleep time, heart rate, time and date
Phone notifications: Displays call and text notifications on your TomTom Touch with heart rate monitor

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Track and analyse your performance throughout workouts, and measure heart rate correctly way to the TomTom Touch Cardio heart rate monitor – a lightweight, splash-proof companion designed to give a boost to your trainings, and aid weight loss. The device allows for setting target specific goals, keeping you challenged and motivated, and tracks the entire essential information: pulse, calories, time, distance, steps, and sleep quality, which later on can be utilized for future reference, or shared with friends throughout the MySports app. The device will also be paired with a smartphone if you wish to stay in touch and track your progress through notifications.

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