Fat Resistance Diet

Fat Resistance Diet

It would appear that weight loss is to do with a hormone called leptin, as opposed to fewer calories, fats, carbs or willpower, and how it is functional in the body. Increasing leptin levels can ensure your appetite decreases.

Leptin enables you to lose weight naturally. It reduces appetite and energises the metabolism. You are meant to be able to lose weight easily and effectively, and not regain the weight.

Nutritional expert Dr. Leo Galland is well known for expounding the virtues of this diet. The consumption of correct foods can ensure you drop those pounds.

Pros Cons
  • Healthy, effective weight loss based on nutrient density, i.e. the nutrients found in the foods recommended, not their calorific value.
  • The approach is thought-provoking and novel, founded in scientific knowledge as to how body fat levels can be controlled.
  • The diet is based on controlling inflammation, which it claims plays a part in how much fat a person stores. Therefore, this diet uses natural anti-inflammatories as found in spices, herbs and lots of fresh foods like vegetables, as well as omega-3 fats, critical in controlling fat levels in the body. Omega-3 and fish is highly recommended on this diet.
  • Very low-fat
  • Can be low in protein

Daily Meal Plan


Egg white only omelette, Fresh orange juice, and decaffeinated coffee with low-fat milk


Spinach salad, Lime dressing, and Tea


Salmon with salsa, 4 ozs broccoli, and Banana Split

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