GI Diet

GI Diet

The GI plan is beneficial for anyone wishing to lose weight without having the urge to eat.

Using the Glycaemic Index (GI) as a guide, this diet plan will take healthy fats, good carbs, and lean proteins together, and offer you a way to help cut out food cravings, lose weight and improve your health – while eating satisfying foods.

Pros Cons
  • Weight loss without feeling hungry
  • Lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • Follow a healthy and satisfying diet
  • Stabilise blood sugars and cut out cravings
  • Difficult to follow (hard to identify the GI value of a meal)
  • High fat / salt content in some foods with low GI value

Daily Meal Plan


Fried egg with bacon and cup of decaff coffee with single cream.


Chicken breast with melted mozzarella with mixed lettuce leaves and olive oil.


8oz pan-fried rump steak with spinach and soured cream

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