Liquid Formula Diet

Liquid Formula Diet

A liquid formula diet defines diets based mainly on pre-made, liquid meal replacement packets.

The primary function of such diets is weight loss. The use of meal replacements ensures there is no need for calorie counting. The majority of liquid diets use liquid meal replacements in combination with a low-calorie diet, whereby the dieter consumes 800-1000 calories a day.

The majority of liquid Diets are protein-based. Therefore, the body is able to burn off already-digested fat. The best known ones are Slimfast, Medifast and Scan Diet.

The following foods permitted on a liquid diet:

  • Lean meat, like poultry or fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Nothing is forbidden on a liquid diet
Pros Cons
  • A liquid diet is fairly straightforwrd to begin with. It normally consists of two liquid meal replacementss, and a normal meal. The dieter can also snack on fresh fruitor vegetables.
  • You lose weight very quickly on this diet. Hence, this diet is particularly beneficial for anyone obese. Plese note that a liquid diets needs to be s upervised by a doctor.
  • Can be very difficult to maintain due to the few calories you are permitted to consume.
  • There are risks involved with liquid diets. Whilst they are of benefit to anyone obese, they not safe for anyone slightly obese or slightly overweight.
  • As liquid diets are about eatnig few calories, weight loss may be due to fluid and muscle loss.
  • Those on this diet who are not obese and without doctor supervision can end up getting constipation, cramp, dizziness and even anemia. It is also possible for such diets to cause gallstones as a result of not being able to contract bile.
  • Such diets are purely short-term.
  • Liquid diets need to be accompanied by a behavior-changing course that deals with and prevents the reasons for over-eating. Otherwise, it is easy to put back on any weight lost on a liquid diet.

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