Low-Salt Diet

Low-Salt Diet

If you feel that your daily intake of salt is too high then this plan is the ideal way to start cutting back. By following this low-salt plan you will be able to make healthier, lower salt choices, including fresh herbs, spices and other healthy, tasty foods for satisfying meals.

To further reduce salt intake, select a recipe-based plan to avoid processed convenience foods, as these tend to contain higher quantities of salt than fresh foods.

Pros Cons
  • Lower fluid retention
  • Reduce blood pressure & lower risk of chronic kidney disease and heart disease
  • Get accustomed to new flavour
  • Some research suggests low-salt diets can increase risk of heart disease or stroke
  • Salt can affect people differently

Daily Meal Plan

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner


Porridge with milk and honey


Chicken and coleslaw sandwich


Pasta with aubergine and cherry tomatoes

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