Tesco GI Diet

Tesco GI Diet

GI, or The Glycaemic Index, is a rating of certain foods that is calculated depending on the effects they have on blood sugar levels.

Tesco has now begun their new labelling system, which will highlight selected foods with their GI rating for your benefit.

The beauty of low and medium GI food is that it makes you feel fuller for longer periods, and also reduces food cravings and snacking between meals therefore helping you control your weight. The products can be identified with big blue circles on selected low and medium GI foods.

Pros Cons
  • Cut down food cravings / snacking
  • Help control weight
  • Keep you feeling full-up for longer period
  • Difficult to follow (hard to identify the GI value of a meal)
  • High fat / salt content in some foods with low GI value
  • Only suitable for Tesco shoppers

Daily Meal Plan


Porridge with yoghurt and berries


Spinach salad with feta and lentils


Sesame-topped salmon with Asian noodles