Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet

The theory behind the hugely popular Atkins Diet is that your body uses both carbohydrates (starches and sugars) and fat as its main energy source, therefore the cutting down of carbohydrates will result you burning off fat and losing weight.

The diet plan recommends a lot of meat eating with salads and helps cut out cravings and snacking.

Daily meal plan


Coffee or tea (with skimmed milk and sweetener should you wish), two small non-fat yoghurts or 225g non-fat cottage cheese, and a slice turkey, ham or chicken or a boiled egg; snack: one small non-fat yogurt or 115g of non-fat cottage cheese.


Chicken leg, crab sticks, poached salmon fillets or pepper steak with egg custard for dessert; snack: a slice of turkey and a non-fat yoghurt.


Prawns in herbs, tandoori chicken or boiled beef and with no-sugar crème caramel, as well as an oat bran pancake.

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