Cambridge Diet

Cambridge Diet

This diet is supposed to be about nutritionally balanced weight loss. It involves eating from 500 to 1500 calories a day of diet formula. The recommendation is only three diet formulas a day for fastest weight loss, totalling 500 calories or such formulas plus some conventional food or other Cambridge Diet foods, (shakes, oats, nutrition bars, oats) totalling 1500 calories.

Starvation is used, with the body getting enough protein and the right level of carbohydrate in order to bring about ketosis, which means the body starts burning fat.

The formula is said to contain all the nutrients the body needs. You are also meant to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Pros Cons
  • Eat as much fat and protein as you wish
  • Increase in protein – decrease in food cravings
  • Feel fuller for longer
  • Weight loss
  • Easy to follow
  • Not suitable for vegetarians
  • Limits carb intake – may cause dehydration & fatigue
  • Lack of important nutrients
  • Not suitable for anyone with diabetes, heart, or kidney problems
  • Increased risk of heart disease

Daily Meal Plan


15 minutes prior to breakfast, have 3 servings of Cambridge supplement. Toast and jam, blueberry smoothie


Cottage cheese and baked potato


Cheese, broccoli and pasta bake

Cambridge Diet Books

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