Foods to Avoid on a Detox Diet

Foods to Avoid on a Detox Diet

There are certain foods which you need to avoid during the course of your detox diet; these include wheat products like cereals, bread, flour, pasta, cous cous, biscuits and cakes. Wheat contains gluten, which is difficult to digest for many and can give rise to wind and bloating.

Caffeine acts as a stimulant, lowering the essential nutrients in the body. Do not cut down your caffeine intake overnight, take your time.

Alcohol is something that needs to be avoided altogether. Alcohol breaks down to a toxin, known as acetaldehyde, in the liver, harming harms liver cells as well as the muscles and brain.

Try not to not add extra salt. Alternatively, use spices, black pepper, herbs, lime and lemon juice to flavour foods.

On the detox diet, it is important to avoid dairy products like milk, yoghurt, cheese and butter. A lot of people find dairy products difficult to digest due to the lactose (milk sugar) content, and because it causes wind and bloating.

Leaving out meat and fish assists the gut to get back to its healthy, normal functioning.

It is also vital to leave out processed foods which contain artificial additives. They are likely to have harmful effects in the long term, so they ought to be avoided.

How do you cope without wheat?

Don’t Eat Eat
Wheat bread Pumpernickel, rye or wheat-free bread
Wheat pasta Pasta from rice, corn, millet or quinoa
Wheat noodles Rice noodles or Soba (buckwheat) noodles
Wheat breakfast cereals Oat, rye or millet flake muesli
Oat or millet porridge

How do you cope without dairy products?

Don’t Eat Eat
Milk Almond, rice or sesame milk
Butter Nut butter, tahini, hummus and guacamole

How do you cope without sugar?

Don’t Eat Eat
Cakes and biscuits Lots of fresh fruit
Sweet breakfast cereals Oat, rye or millet flake muesli.
Oat or millet porridge, with added fresh or dried fruits
Chocolate Fruit bars, liquorice bars or sesame snaps as treats
Sweets Sultanas, raisins, apricots or dates as treats
Squash, cordials Water or freshly squeezed juices