Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet

In 1975, Dr Pierre Dukan, a GP in Paris, had to treat his first case of obesity. The contemporary remedy for being overweight or obese was low calorie, sensibly sized meals. Dr Dukan came up with an alternative way to stop his patients regaining the weight they had lost.

In 2000, after two decades of research, Dr Dukan published his findings in a book which became a best seller. The diet became even more popular when Carole Middleton introduced her daughter Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, to the diet prior to her wedding to Prince William. Kate, indeed, has lost two dress sizes since being on the Dukan Diet.


The attack phase enables dieters to quickly lose between 2 to 3 kilograms in 2–7 days by kick-starting their metabolism. Dieters are permitted to eat as much as they wish to of 72 protein-rich foods, mainly meat, fish, eggs and other non fat dairy products.


The cruise phase enables dieters to more slowly attain the weight they aim for by consuming protein-rich foods as well as 28 specific vegetables. You may alternate pure protein days with days where you eat a tasty selection of unlimited vegetables as well as you vast selection of fish, meat and non-fat dairy products. So, you could start your meal with a soup or salad, and follow it with a meat or fish dish. The length of this phase is normally as one kilogram of weight loss per week. However, this is dependent on certain personal conditions. Tolerated foods are permitted per the programme, however, any weight gain from these foods automatically bans some of these foods.


The consolidation phase aims to prevent any further huge weight gain. Over this period, bread, cheese and starchy foods are reintroduced into your usual diet, leaving two celebratory meals a week as per the diet plan where you can eat what you like.


Finally, in the stabilisation phase, you are able to basically eat whatever you like without gaining any weight by following some rules, such as, eating protein all day once a week and eating oat bran twice a week. Dukan insists that, should dieters stick to this last phase permanently they will not regain any weight for the rest of their lives. Dietary constraints are now loosened and cheese, fruit, bread and pasta are placed back on the menu

A short-term, high-protein diet like this one purges your tissues of excess water and dampens your appetite; should you eat just protein foods, your body produces ketonic cells which naturally suppress your appetite, nonetheless, ensuring muscle tone and healthy skin. The only carbohydrate break you have with the Dukan Diet is a daily tablespoon of oat bran, with is high soluble fibre level, it absorbs water in the stomach, swelling up to 20 times its size which makes you feel very full and satiated

Per ounce proteins are comparatively low in calories, in comparison to fats as well as many carbohydrates. Their complicated structure means the body finds it quite difficult to digest. You lose more weight and burn up more calories processing proteins than other foods. Weight loss is invariable and quick.

Daily Meal Plan


Coffee or tea (with skimmed milk and sweetener should you wish), two small non-fat yoghurts or 225g non-fat cottage cheese, and a slice turkey, ham or chicken or a boiled egg; snack: one small non-fat yogurt or 115g of non-fat cottage cheese.


Chicken leg, crab sticks, poached salmon fillets or pepper steak with egg custard for dessert; snack: a slice of turkey and a non-fat yoghurt.


Prawns in herbs, tandoori chicken or boiled beef and with no-sugar crème caramel, as well as an oatbran pancake.

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