Green or Red Days

Also known as the Green and Red Diet, this diet plan quite simply sees every day, within a weekly diet, being called a Green Day or a Red Day.

Foods are categorised on the basis of which day they will be eaten. Dieters select the Green or Red option for a day, and adhere to that throughout the week.

Green Day ‘free foods’ include fruit, vegetables, grains, pasta, beans, pulses, rice, tofu and eggs.

Green Day ‘healthy extras’ include fish, bread, milk, cheese, nuts and seeds, dried fruit and meat.

Red Day ‘free foods’ include fruit, vegetables, lean meat, eggs and white fish.

Red Day ‘healthy extras’ include bread, milk, cheese, grains and beans. Restricted amounts of potatoes and dried potatoes are permitted as ‘healthy extras’.

Pros and Cons of Green & Red Days Diet

Pros Cons
  • You can eat plenty of healthy, nutritious foods, which fill you up sufficiently, preventing you from succumbing to hunger
  • Consumption of sugary, fatty, energy-dense foods is controlled
  • Because no foods are banned, you do not feel deprived, or as tempted to have ‘forbidden’ foods
  • You can receive help in the form of group support, to assist your weight loss attempts
  • You need to attend weekly groups
  • It will take time to get accustomed to Food Optimising, especially if you are someone who is used to calorie counting
  • It can be expensive, due to the need to buy high amounts of fruit, vegetables and meat


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