This area of medicine is known as homotoxicology. Herein your own healing processes cure different illnesses usually treated with medicine. Mesotherapy is part of this discipline, being a non-surgical choice to liposuction.

This procedure has become more popular in America recently. It was originally tested in France. The attractions of this procedure are that it is non-invasive and the recovery times are shorter.

Key points relating to mesotherapy

A solution of natural plant extracts, vitamins, homeopathic medicines and pharmaceutical drugs is injected into the mesoderm of skin.

Several tiny needles are utilised to place the solution in place, so the solution can begin to target adipose fat cells. Another benefit is to rejuvenate the collagen in the skin.

Is mesotherapy going to work for me?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical technique and requires less examination of the candidate’s medical history than liposuction does. It should still not be undertaken lightly. Patients should always consult their doctor before following this course of action.


Mesotherapy has its critics, as there is a lack of proper testing and clinical trials for this diet surgery procedure. Nonetheless, it is of note that not a single death has been caused by mesotherapy over the fifty years it has been practised.

Mesotherapy practitioners, like all other diet surgery practitioners, have to have training and certification. World wide there are 18,000 certified mesotherapists.

Mesotherapy has only a few of the risks related to liposuction. Patients are able to get up as well as walk out post-procedure. In addition, anaesthetic is used and there is no recovery time. The sole side effect is normally light bruising.

Continued mesotherapy treatment

Another disadvantage of mesotherapy is fat cells are not permanently removed, as with liposuction. Hence, fat can return quickly, even leading to natural weight gain.

Prices for mesotherapy are similar to those of liposuction. Patients need to maintain a healthy lifestyle prior to the procedure to ensure the benefits of the diet surgery.

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