How to Lose Weight without Diet or Exercise

How to Lose Weight without Diet or Exercise

There are numerous ways to lose weight without following a diet or exercising regularly. While a combination of the two is generally the best way to lose weight, many people find it difficult to adhere to a diet and exercise regime.

Consequently, they adopt a host of healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes to boost their weight loss attempts, such as those listed below.

Stop buying unhealthy food in the first place

This one is very straightforward. If you haven’t got any packets of sweets, biscuits or crisps lying around at home or in the office, then you aren’t able to eat them. Simple.

To help prevent you from buying unhealthy foods, do not go shopping when you’re hungry, and write out a shopping list. Also, avoid the aisles that you know stock all the unhealthy foods and drinks, such as cakes and cola, so that you are less tempted to buy these.

If you really need to have such foods in your house then at least put them out of sight. Ideally, you will forget you even have them, and it will be easier to resist the temptation of eating them. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”.

Studies have shown there is a link between unhealthy foods being visible and increased appetite, as well as weight gain. [172] [173]

Avoid sugary drinks, they’re an easy way to gain weight

Similarly to the previous point, avoid buying sugary drinks, whether you’re at the supermarket or at a pub. Cutting them out of your life is one of the easiest ways to seriously reduce your added sugar intake, considerably reducing your daily calorie intake at the same time.

Sugar-sweetened beverages carry practically no nutritional benefit, and have been strongly linked to tooth decay, weight gain and obesity. [174] [175]

Other soft drinks, such as energy drinks, are also generally unhealthy, as are a lot of fruit juices. While many people think juices are healthy – as they tend to supply one of your Five a Day – they are often high in added sugar. It is much healthier to eat whole fruits instead, and doing so may also save you money.

Use smaller plates, as well as red plates for unhealthy foods

If you have a large plate, a normal portion size looks quite small and insufficient. As a result, you might dish out bigger portions and eat more food than you need.

By using a smaller plate, that same normal portion size looks much more satisfactory. Doing this can make you think that you are eating more food than you actually are, and stop you from overeating. [177] [178]

Additionally, serving unhealthy foods on red plates may also help you to eat less. This is likely due to us associating the colour with ‘stop’ symbols, so we therefore do not go overboard when eating.

One study found that participants consumed fewer pretzels from a red plate than they did from a blue or white plate. [176]

Get plenty of sleep every night

Having a good night’s sleep is very important for successful weight loss. A lack of sleep has been associated with reduced leptin and elevated ghrelin levels, which regulate appetite and therefore impact the amount of food you eat. [180]

Meanwhile, studies have also associated stress with weight gain. When you are stressed, your levels of cortisol increase, and this hormone can influence your hunger and cravings, resulting in you overeating. [182]

Try and ensure you always manage to get around eight hours of sleep per night, so if you need to get up early, go to bed earlier. You’ll feel more refreshed and energetic, and it may help you lose weight.

Drink plenty of water each day

Drinking several cups of water daily is one of the easiest and most underrated ways to lose weight.

Filling yourself up on water helps prevent you from feeling hungry, therefore reducing the amount of food you eat throughout the day. Studies have shown that drinking half a litre of water 30 minutes before a meal can reduce hunger and lead to less calories being consumed. [142]

Best of all, this essential nutrient contains zero calories, unlike most other drinks, so it isn’t a source of ‘empty’ calories like fizzy drinks.

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