What is a Healthy Weight?

What is a Healthy Weight?

There are various factors that affect your weight, aside from dietary habits. Aspects such as height and genes can influence your weight, and as such, there is no single universal figure for the ideal weight for men and women.

Our values for an ideal weight are very objective. Perhaps the most common way to decide if someone is a healthy weight is by measuring a person’s Body Mass Index (BMI).

Your BMI is a measure of your weight relative to your height, with your score being classified into any of the following categories:

  • Underweight;
  • Healthy Weight;
  • Overweight; and
  • Obese.

While BMI can be a good indicator of whether you are a healthy weight, it is not completely accurate. For example, because muscle weighs more than fat, many athletes may be classified as overweight or even obese, when in actual fact they are very fit with a low body fat percentage and a lot of muscle.

Developing on from this point, do not get too caught up in the number you see on the scales and become disheartened If you are exercising regularly then you are likely to build muscle and burn off fat, but due to muscle being heavier the scales may show you as remaining the same weight, or even gaining weight.

The key is to eat well and exercise, and you will find a weight that you are comfortable and happy with.

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