Discovery Made Regarding Yo Yo Dieting

Wed, 23 Feb 2011

Scientists have uncovered a method of identifying dieters who are susceptible to putting the weight back on after losing it.

Maastricht University's Department of Human Biology scientists have discovered an association between a gene which regulates blood pressure and weight gain post-diet in women.

The women in their study who put weight back on after weight loss underwent a high alteration in the concentration of a specific protein in the blood whilst dieting . The protein is known as the angiotensin I converting enzyme or ACE.

Researchers intend to develop a test which shows the level to which an individual may be prone to yo-yo dieting.

This is an astounding find as hitherto no distinct link has been made between obesity and this protein .

Around 80% of dieters undergo the yo-yo effect after dieting, that is, they return to their original weight in the space of a year.
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